A Walk Down The Lane With Your Love Doll

Love dolls today are definitely life like but don’t you want to know what the ancient people used before as a love doll? Even a love doll’s got to have a history you know?

The Timeline
Okay here goes. Some of the first sex dolls were created by the Dutch sailors during the 17th century who were isolated at their ship during long voyages. Admit it, it gets lonely. These dolls were called dame de voyage (French) and dama de viaje (Spanish).The dolls are made up of clothes sewn together and the Dutch even sold some to the Japanese people during the Rangaku period. Today, sex dolls are still being referred to as “Dutch wives” in Japan.

In 1908, the appearance of manufactured sex dolls made its record. The dolls were made from rubber and other plastic materials. In an article written by Iwan Bloch, he said that these types of dolls come with a full female or male body that serve sexual pleasures to the user and that the ejaculation of semen is even imitated in this dolls. Furthermore, he also said in his article that these dolls are for sale in the catalog of a certain “Parisian Rubber Articles”.

In the 1970’s, vinyl, silicone, and latex are the preferred materials for the doll. Silicone is much preferable than the others because it offers a more life-like texture.

Life-like child love dolls were also developed and imported by Shin Takagi, founder of Trotta, in the belief that those with pedophilic fetishes deserve some love. The Australian police do not think so and since 2013 they have confiscated imported shipments of child life-like love dolls and classified it as child-exploitation material.

Different types of love dolls also exist. Among them is the blow-up or inflatable love doll made up of vinyl which is often used as a gag gift and often bursts after a few pounds. Dolls ranging from a price of a $100 to $1,000 are made of latex and silicone mixture. High-end dolls are those that are very life-like and have internal skeletons that can hold any position you want.

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